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TeachLive (mixed reality simulator)

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Lifespan Treadmill Desk

Getting a bit drowsy while sitting down and reading dense material? Do you need to get some steps in on your exercise tracker? Try using the Lifespan Treadmill Desk!  You determine the pace that is most comfortable, then read and walk at the same time. Increase your blood flow while you work!  One undergraduate student conducted a research project on this difference in his own reading comprehension when reading assignments on the treadmill desk vs. the couch in his apartment (I bet you can guess which was higher). 

Quick Start Guide for Treadmill Desk

Telepresence Robot

The telepresence robot connects to your iDevice or any desktop computer with an internet connection.  These are a great way for student to stay connected to class if they are not able to physically attend.  The person using the robot can move it around, change the height, and communicate with fellow students and the instructor.  If the instructor is away and still needs to have class, use the robot to stay connected with your students.

Quick Start Guide for Telepresence Robot

Additional information on the Telepresence Robot


The Swivl is a wireless base that holds on iPad and allows the user to record a video.  The Swivl comes with a Bluetooth tracker and the base will turn and follow the movement of the person wearing it.  The tracker also has a microphone built in, so you don’t have to stand right next to the iPad the entire time.  Use the Swivl to record your lecture or class and upload the video for students to have access to at a any time.

Quick Start Guide for Swivl

Additional information on Swivl



3D Printer

Use the 3D printer to take things from the flat surface of your computer and into real life. Speech pathology students use the 3D printer to create talking tokens for the children they work with. Math and science students use the printer to model particular problems and aviation students have used the printer to create containers for their electronics. Think outside the box – what can you create?

Quick Start Guide for the 3D Printer

Video Tutorial for the Makerbot 3D Printer

Additional information on the 3D Printer

Flight Simulator

The T.E.C.H. Playground has two flight simulators available for use.  You might think that these only benefit our aviation students, but there are some great things that you can do with them in your class. Teach students about slope, have student write how to fly, put together a STEM unit, or teach students about geography. The possibilities are limited by your imagination. The simulators also give you immediate feedback on your performance and allow for multiple attempts at specific outcomes. Are there ways to include these elements in your classroom?

Quick Start Guide for Flight Simulator

Video Tutorial for the Flight Simulator

Additional information on X-Plane.

Additional information on Microsoft Flight Simulator.



EEG Machine

Ever wondered about the stress that occurs when students are taking an online test?  Or reading something that is difficult?  Use the EEG machine to get data as participants are exposed to different scenarios.  There is even a cap that can measure brain activity!  You might think that this would only be needed in a medical program – but think about the possibilities inside of your own classroom.  See how students bodies react when performing different tasks on the computer or what the changes occur to the brain between doing hard research and looking at cute animals.

Quick Start Guide for EEG

SMART Interactive Whiteboard

The SMART Interactive Whiteboard is a versatile tool to use for collaboration, teaching, and learning. With the click of a mouse, create interactive lessons for your students.  Brainstorm research ideas or problems. The SMART Notebook software is installed and ready for your imagination!

Quick Start Guide

Additional information on SMART


GoPro Cameras

These little cameras make recording the action of the classroom easier than ever. The T.E.C.H. Playground has two of these and you can mount them on your head or chest depending on which point of view you prefer.  Want to know what its like to be one of your students? Have them where the GoPro on their head. Want to know what your students are doing when you are talking? Put the GoPro on your head and watch the video after class.  Are you doing qualitative research? Use the GoPro to collect data for upload into your data management software.

Additional information on GoPro

Quick Start Guide for GoPro cameras


Little Bits

This kit contains several different pieces of a circuit.  In order for the circuit to be completed there needs to be power, input, and output. This is just to get started. How can you use Little Bits in your class?  Anytime you teach a process, there is a beginning, a middle, and an end. Use the Little Bits as a guide for the process, for example, an elementary education student thought Little Bits would be great in teaching sentence structure.

Additional information on Little Bits

Quick Start Guide for Little Bits

3D Monitor

3D Interactive content for 3D monitor


You may think that the Xbox is for games only – think again!  Use the sandbox that is Minecraft to create and explore.  Work with a partner for a collaborative experience in creative mode or problem solve in survival.  Movement is good for the body – try out Just Dance and get the blood flow going!  There is also a TED app that allows you to watch TED Talks on almost every subject imaginable.  What can you learn today?

Quick Start Guide for Xbox One