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Oklahoma State University

Scott Haselwood bio

My name is Scott.  After 18.5 years as a high school math teacher in public education I have made the move to become a full time PhD student.  This decisions was difficult, but has been one of the most rewarding things that I have ever done.  Teaching in high school was an incredible experience for me, so leaving an environment that I loved for the unknown was a challenge.  As I high school teacher, I taught almost every math course that could be offered.  I was able to earn National Board Certification in Young Adult Math.  I was honored as my building Teacher of the Year, no mean feat at Edmond Memorial High School!!  My career changed as I became fascinated with educational technology and all of the things that it can do for teachers.  I flipped my class.  I used iPads and blogging (in high school math!!).  I started using gamification and mastery learning.  I changed my practice.  I chose to go back to school to learn as much as I could.  To bring that knowledge from academia and research to the teacher on the front line.  I love talking with teachers about change.  About incorporating educational technology.  About the power that they have to change lives.