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Oklahoma State University

Research Team Facilitation

The Emerging Technologies and Creativity Research Lab is committed to facilitating interdisciplinary research teams led by College of Education, Health and Aviation faculty. Below is a list of current teams and the lead researchers' contact information. Additionally, this Research Team Planning Guide is designed to help with organization of ideas and work. From Google Docs, you can save a copy and share with your team members. You may also want to check out our Literature Search and Review Guide.

Building Resilient Communities
Lead Researcher: Dr. John Romans
Programs Involved: HHP, Counseling Psychology, Ed Tech, Ed Leadership
Description: Connecting a local community to university and other resources in order to raise overall well-being
Strengths/Accomplishments: Interdisciplinary; large list of grant opportunities
Current Initiatives: Increasing school counseling services through OSU practicum placements in the partner district
Future Initiatives: Parent/Teacher Education Seminars; after-school tutoring, community garden, community needs assessment; online interface to serve school/community; tracking outcomes

Curiosity (meets Mondays 9:30-10:30am in the T.E.C.H. Playground)
Lead Researcher: Dr. Susan Stansberry
Programs involved: Educational Technology, STEM education, Educational Psychology
Description: Exploration of state and trait curiosity in individuals and the learning environment
Strengths/Accomplishments: We are using EndNote web and Google Drive to work collaboratively
Current Initiatives: Establish a direction for research projects
Future Inititives: Research projects, proposals, and publications

Sexual Health Research Lab
Lead Researcher: Dr. Randolph Hubach
Programs involved: Health Education & Promotion with scholars across campus
Description: Advancing sexual health through research, education, and training
Strengths/Accomplishments: Strong emphasis on manuscript writing, adding to the public understanding of science, and engaging the community to promote sexual health initiatives/research
Current Initiatives: Research development, manuscript writing, grant writing, and methodological development
Future Initiatives: Assessing rural LGBT population health, sexuality-related health disparities, sexual assault programming and prevention, campus climate survey, and engaging in community-based participatory research

Media Use and Cognition
Lead Researcher: Dr. Penny Thompson
Programs involved: Educational Technology, Educational Psychology
Description: Exploring all aspects of how use of digital media may or may not influence cognition, cognitive habits, and learning
Strengths/Accomplishments: Opportunity for interdisciplinary contributions related to Media and Cognition
Current Initiatives: The starting place for discussion will be the “digital native” myth and many aspects of online learning
Future Initiatives: Generate ideas for a variety of related topics, allowing each member to explore a specific interest while working collaboratively with other group members

Technology Integration for Transformative Learning
Lead Researcher: Dr. Susan Stansberry
Programs involved: Educational Technology plus all others interested
Description: Study all aspects of technology integration to improve learning with particular attention paid to curiosity, creativity and innovation, game-based learning, faculty development, organizational culture, & transformative learning
Strengths/Accomplishments: Interdisciplinary; large list of grant opportunities
Current Initiatives: Leveraging information and communication technologies to facilitate research team productivity; various publications and grants in progress
Future Initiatives: Collaboratively generate a research repository on a variety of related topics, allowing each member to explore a specific interest while working collaboratively with and supported by other group members

Large-Scale Database Analysis
Lead Researcher: Dr. Georgette Yetter
Programs involved: School Psychology, REMS
Description: Secondary analysis of ECLS-K and ECLS-B, nationally representative data sets of approx. 30,000 children and adolescents
Strengths/Accomplishments: Dedicated computer approved for analysis of restricted-use data, opportunities for inter- and multi-disciplinary studies, learning to use multi-level modeling (HLM)
Current Initiatives: papers, presentations, dissertations, and manuscripts
Future Initiatives: More use of incredibly rich research data and lab (412 Willard) and increased collaboration with faculty and students from other areas

Microaggression & Microaffirmation
Lead Researcher: Dr. Julie Koch
Programs involved: Counseling and Counseling Psychology

R is for Thursday
Lead Researcher: Dr. Kerri Kearney
Programs involved: Educational Leadership
Description: Collaborating with Oklahoma higher education institutions, community organizations, and government entities to locate, support, and collaboratively research with foster alumni college students across Oklahoma
Strengths/Accomplishments: R is for Thursday on 17 campuses; statewide meeting, recognized by the Casey Foundation for research-based collaboration for foster alumni college students
Current Initiatives: Identifying grants to support the ongoing effort, creation of new alliances, increased production of research
Future Initiatives: faculty collaborators

Participant Drawings in Qualitative Research
Lead Researcher: Dr. Kerri Kearney
Programs involved: Educational Leadership, School Administration
Description: a drawings (arts-based) methodology for collecting data in qualitative research protocols
Strengths/Accomplishments: Early work was recognized as a most-read article by Qualitative Research (top tier research journal)
Current Initiatives: focused on updating previous work and considering the ethical implications of researchers who use these types of methods
Future Initiatives: continue onward! 

Other Mothering and Related Issues
Lead Researcher: Dr. Kerri Kearney
Programs involved: Educational Leadership
Description: Collaborative research with a Canadian researcher and focuses on issues at the crossroads of birthmothers and mother who adopt. We work heavily with auto-ethnography.
Strengths/Accomplishments: Multiple publications and presentations
Current Initiatives: Started in 2011
Future Initiatives: continue onward! 

Learning with Mobile Devices
Lead Researcher: Dr. Sheri Vasinda
Programs involved: Literacy, Elementary Education
Description: On-going line of research focused on technology integration in PreK-University.
Strengths/Accomplishments: Began with a grant for iPads to use with literacy and math practicum courses in our Randall & Carol White Reading & Math Center tutoring
Current Initiatives: Focus on faculty in 1:1 environment using autoethnography
Future Initiatives: BYOD environments, professional development for practicing teachers