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Oklahoma State University

M.S. in Educational Technology

The goal of the M.S. in Educational Technology program is to facilitate educators or instructional support specialists in becoming highly qualified educational technologists. Our focus on instructional design, online teaching, information management, and multimedia design and development along with core technology integration enables candidates to serve either P12 schools, higher education, or corporate settings in effective and fulfilling ways.
Download our Advisement Checklist for full details. You will send your advisor a copy of this completed and signed form immediately after admission. 

Application Deadline
Applications are accepted at any time.

Minimum Background Requirements
·         GPA >3.0 in a Bachelors degree from an accredited institution

Documents Required to be Submitted for Admission Review
·         Statement of Professional Goals (The admission committee looks for writing ability and a fit between your goals and the program)
·         Three letters of recommendation providing information related to past academic ability, potential for graduate study, and writing ability.

Course Format/Delivery
The majority of coursework is offered in an online format with Stillwater as the home base. Courses that meet face-to-face can be taken in Stillwater or Tulsa. 

Contact Information
Educational Technology
210 Willard Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078

Common Core (12 hours):
EDTC 5203: Foundations of Educational Technology+
EDTC 5103: Advanced Computer Applications*+
EDTC 5113: Digital Media Production
LBSC 5613 Library Networks and Databases
Research and Inquiry (3 hours):
REMS 5103: Research Design and Methodology+
Option: Educational Technology (15 hours):
EDTC 5153 Computer-based Instructional Development*+
EDTC 5403 Creativity and Innovation in Ed Tech+
EDTC 5503 Facilitating Online Learning*+
EDTC 5720 Learning in a Digital Age*+
EDTC 5753 Introduction to Instructional Design+
Thesis/Creative Component (6 hours):
EDTC 5000 (6 hours)
Creative component (e.g., professional portfolio) plus 6 hours of electives. Choose from:
EDTC 5303 Videogames and Simulations in the Classroom*+
REMS 5953 Elementary Statistical Methods
CIED 5183: Media Literacy Across the Curriculum
EDTC 5773: Instructional Systems Management+
* Required for the Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching. It is necessary to apply separately for the certificate if you wish to pursue it along with the M.S. in Educational Technology. 
+ 100% online course
Other courses offered in Stillwater and Tulsa

Creative Component Due Dates
The creative component (portfolio) must be submitted to your committee by 5:00 pm central time on Friday of the 14th week of the semester for fall and spring graduates.  Summer graduates must submit the creative component by 5:00 pm central time on Friday of the 6th week of the main (8-week) summer term.